Casual Interview From 2005 of Mark Zuckerberg Talking About ‘The Facebook’ [VIDEO]

August 17, 2011 4:43 pm

An old interview circa 2005 of Mark Zuckerberg has surfaced where the creator of the worldwide phenomenon Facebook speaks about what it’s all about and future plans. During this casual interview, Mark pumps a keg and is sipping on a beer. He was pretty much living up his college life like a normal student.

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Now years later it is interesting to understand what his intentions were for the site when it first launched. Zucherberg tells us that when the site started it was for the purpose of being an online directory for the 2004 class of Harvard. After eventually expanding to Columbia, Yale, Standford and over 150 more schools the website blew up! It became an icebreaker for the college community and an informal way to socialize just like Zuckerberg wanted. This video feels like a blast from the past. Check out the video below!

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