What Should Hilary Duff Name Her Baby!?

August 17, 2011 1:10 pm

Hilary Duff recently announced on her website that she and husband Mike
are expecting a baby! As with all Hollywood couples, we’re sure Hil and her hubby are trying to find the most unique, strange name out there so that their little bundle of joy is unlike any other. It can definitely be hard in Hollywood to find a name that hasn’t been used, so we’re helping the pretty blonde actress out. Here are some names we think would fit the new Duff-Comrie baby!

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For Girls

5. Adara
Adara has Greek origins and instills beauty on whoever has that name. This name is unique and unusual but also carries a positive meaning. We also think Adara Duff-Comrie flows nicely together!

4. Habika
Habika has Africa origins and means “sweetheart.” If Hil and Mike named their little darling “Habika,” they’d definitely have an easy baby on their hands. Bika is also a super cute nickname!

3. Kalea
Kalea is a Hawaiian name that means “bright.” With a name like this, the new baby will surely grow up to be an intellect. With an actress mom and a hockey player dad, all this family needs to be absolutely perfect is a super high excelling baby!

2. Maliha
Maliha is a name drawn from Arabic roots. It typically means “master.” Any baby girl with this name would definitely be influential, clever, and strong willed. If they want to give her a less unique nickname, ‘Ali’ would work out well.

1. Rilla
Rilla is a Tuetonic name that means “of the stream.” If the newest member of the Duff-Comrie clan were to be named Rilla, she’d be a fluid, flexible daughter who is relaxed and easy going, but also determined. With busy parents like Hil and Mike, a down-to-earth, go-with-the-flow daughter is exactly what they need.

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Boy Names

5. Bastiaan
Bastian could be a nick name for the name Sebastian, but is able to carry it’s own meaning. Drawing to mind ideas of power and veneration, the name Bastiaan would ensure that their baby boy be respected, powerful, and noble. With a strong name like this, a baby Bastiaan would surely follow in the athletic footsteps of his father!

4. Favian
Favian is a Latin name that means “understanding.” We think Hilary would give birth to a compassionate and sensitive boy if she named him Favian. Not to mention, any boy capable of feeling these emotions would make a great actor, like Hilary!

3. Sayer
Sayer is derived from Celtic roots and means “carpenter.” A boy with this name would be crafty and clever. He’d always be fixing things up around the house…so helpful!

2. Kavi
Kavi is an interesting name that is typically found in Hindu cultures. It means “poet” which promises that any boy named Kavi will be good with words, passionate, and possess a penchant for poetry. Kavi would likely follow mom’s path in the music biz and release a soulful acoustic album in his teenage years.

1. Dag
Dag is an Old Norse name meaning “The Day.” We think that a boy with this name would be an early riser who is active and productive when the sun is shining. He’d definitely be into sports, like his dad. Mike would have a ton of fun with a little boy named Dag!

What do you think Hilary should name her new baby? Tell us in the comments!