Randy Jackson Rocks A Rotary Phone & Other Celebs’ Tech Toys [PHOTO]

August 18, 2011 6:10 am

Retro is so in style right now, so it’s no wonder that celebrities are jumping all over the newest trend: old school tech toys. This might seem a little useless- technology has improved so much over the past decade, nothing can compare to what we have now. Today, we can fit thousands of songs onto a tiny square no bigger than Tic-Tac box, and we can have a virtual face to face chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on our computers. So why would celebrities want to retrace their steps back in time and opt for a bulkier, less efficient form of technology? It all comes down to staying on top of the trends. Here are our four favorite retro tech toys! We love these. Which are your favorites?

4. Lady Gaga and her Polaroid Shades
At the start of this year, Lady Gaga unveiled her newest project. Hint: it had nothing to do with music. She took her wacky fashion sense to the technology side of things and created a pair of super sleek sunglasses with a Polaroid camera built into the lenses. The superstar singer fell so in love with the old school photographs that she wanted to wear them on her face.

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3. Eminem Walks with Walkman
Even though iPod’s are probably the most amazing invention to ever hit the market (uh hello 20,000 songs in the palm of my hand!) Eminem opts for something a little more “vintage.” He’s been seen rocking a pair of headphones and a Walkman player! I guess there’s got to be something satisfying about opening up the disc player, popping in the CD and pressing play…but we still like the iPod better!

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2. Justin Timberlake is Bringing MySpace Back
MySpace isn’t that old school, but since Facebook was created, MySpace has been riding down a downhill slope. Interestingly enough, Justin Timberlake recently bought MySpace from “Tom” and is attempting to revamp the website and make it appealing again. Looks like Justin is bringin’ MySpace back!

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1. Randy Jackson Phone Home
Randy Jackson has really impressed us with his retro gadget. He gave his cell phone an old school twist with the handhed receiver he plugged into it. Whether he’s trying to start a fashion trend or just protecting himself from radioactive cell phone rays, Randy Jackson totally rocks his new phone.

Photo by Ryan Seacrest

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