Vera Wang Talks Designing Kim Kardashian’s Timeless Wedding Dress [AUDIO]

August 18, 2011 8:50 am

Photos By Getty Images

If you’re anything like Ryan Seacrest, you’re absolutely dying to know more about Kim Kardashian’s fast approaching wedding. Because we’re all so curious, Ryan invited Kim’s dress designer Vera Wang to join On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to tell us all a little bit more about the nuptials and her bridal gown.

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Vera’s designed a lot of dresses for super hot celebrities in her lifetime, but she says working with Kim has been a very “special” experience: “She’s looking so dazzling, I’m just beside myself. I really am because I’m also friends with the family so that whole things makes this really special for me.” And even though dress design has become second nature for the high fashion gal, she says she’s still extremely excited about Kim’s gown: “I’m all hyped up, I’m really excited and very thrilled, I love the family, I’ve known Bruce and Kris a long time since we judged the Miss America pageant together. To see the girls grow up and to see their success and really now to see Kim getting married, she is just so excited, I can’t tell you.” She says that overall the experience has been “joyous” and she’s “really, really, really excited” about the upcoming ceremony.

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Ryan tried to get some more details out of Miss Wang to no avail. Vera refused to say a word about the dress that has been molded to Kim’s body so that it fits perfectly. Even though she kept mum about the actual dress, she was able to tell us what Kim’s reaction was to first trying it on: “I think she said, ‘I love the slip so much I could wear just this!'” While we’re sure the couture slip fit like a glove, we think a bridal gown will be a better choice for her trip down the aisle!

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Kim heads to the alter this Saturday in Montecito, CA! E! will be taping the entire event, so be sure to tune into their two day Kardashian Wedding special on October 9th and 10th! We wish the happy couple a long, fulfilling life together!