Kim Kardashian Talks Incorporating Her Late Father Into Her Wedding [AUDIO]

August 19, 2011 8:25 am

Kim Kardashian called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest for her very last interview before her big day. She’s still keeping quiet about the details of her wedding, but she did reveal some intimate information regarding her dress, her relationship with Kris Humphries, and the energy surrounding the days leading up to the special ceremony.

Kim’s road to the alter has been amazing and emotional all at once especially considering the absence of her father, Robert Kardashian, and when asked if she will carry something of his down the aisle Kim responded, “Absolutely, I’m having something always with me. You know when you lose someone thats so close to you these are the moments that you wish your dad can be here. You will feel the heart in this whole ceremony, and the whole reception, and the whole atmosphere, I think you’ll feel the presence of my dad. You will feel the love in this room, and thats what going to be the best part of this whole night. I’ve had those moments when I’ve cried to Bruce [Jenner], and its been emotional. That’s only expected, and I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. So you’ll feel the presence of my dad a lot.”

Vera Wang Talks Designing Kim Kardashian’s Timeless Wedding Dress [AUDIO]

Apparently, Kim had several changes in heart when it came to her wedding dress. With top designer, Vera Wang, handmaking her gown, she wanted to be sure it was perfect. For the longest time, Kim had one vision of what she wanted the dress to look like, but one super celebrity gave her a call and completely changed her mind.

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“I had this one vision of what I wanted this dress to look like, and Nicole Richie called me and said, ‘Oh my god, I have this vision for your gown. Just hear me out! I think you should go super classic, really old Hollywood! You can’t go with something trendy, you can’t show off too much!’ So she came over and was drawing out all these [dresses]. It completely changed what I thought I was going with. Its timeless!” Regarding the changes in design Kim says, “I’ve changed my mind a few times. Vera Wang has been very patient, and I’ve literally flown out there twice. I once flew out there last week for 2 hours! I needed to do it for peace of mind!”

When asked if she will be changing into a second dress for the reception Kim casually comments, “There may be more then that! There are going to be so many fun surprises. I’m so excited!” Now we wonder if Vera Wang designed the additional dresses, too!

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Kim says she’s going to be like a “drill sergeant” on the day of the ceremony because she wants to make sure everything runs smoothly. Their plans for the 24 hours before the wedding? “Spray tanning, nails, a midnight call to Anastasia to do my eyebrows!” Aka, tons of primping! Sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner will be making an appearance in the bridal party and are sure to look just as stunning as the bride herself. Speaking of family, Kim confirmed in the interview today that the bridesmaids gowns are NOT green, much to popular belief! Her family has done an amazing job at keeping details about the wedding a secret.

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On her relationship with Kris, she says it is “just such a normal, healthy trusting, easy relationship” and she gets a “good feeling” whenever they’re together: “We’re just having so much fun and we get along so well. He just lets me be me. We have such a good relationship.” Though their pre-marital courtship was short, we think Kim has finally found “the one,” although she does admit to having a minor freak out moment about a week ago: “I freaked out about anything and everything! Like Kris’ dogs in my space, his shirts on the floor, going over budget, to everything you could possibly think of, you know issues that everyone goes through. You just have a freak out moment where you go crazy after every last thing.” Luckily, she’s figured that all out now and has been experiencing nothing but “calmness.”

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Even though Kim is head over heels in love with Kris, she says she “will always be Kim Kardashian.” In other words, the reality star doesn’t have any intention to change her last name to Humphries, or even Kardashian-Humphries. At home, she’ll be “Mrs. Humphries,” but everywhere else she’ll be the Kim Kardashian we’re all used to.

If you’re like us and are dying to know everything about the wedding, be sure to tune into E! on October 9th and 10th for their two part Kim Kardashian Wedding Special!