Joe Jonas Says He ‘Didn’t Recognize’ Shia LeBeouf In Passing [AUDIO]

August 23, 2011 8:15 am

Musician Joe Jonas called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to diffuse any rumors that he and “Transformers” actor Shia LaBeouf are enemies, as well as to talk about working without his brothers and his upcoming tour.

When Joe first got on the air, Ryan immediately brought up the paparazzi photo that has everyone talking. Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf are seen walking directly past each other, nearly brushing shoulders without so much as a glance in the others direction. Of course, tabloids started spewing rumors that Joe and Shia are feuding. One report even said that Shia was upset with Joe for texting Rihanna! When asked about this, Joe laughed and said, “What’s funny is I don’t even have Rihanna’s number!”

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So when asked why he brushed by the super famous actor without saying hello, Joe said it was simply because he didn’t recognize the guy! “If you look at the photo close enough, he does not look like the normal Shia LaBeouf at all. Actually this is kind of funny. So, I’m walking, I’m walking and I had no paparazzi following me. All of a sudden, I see all these photographers and I’m thinking, ‘Oh they must have saw me walking’ or something as I passed the restaurant and then I turn around and I’m like, ‘Wait…was that…?’ and the paparazzi are like, ‘Hey Joe, you didn’t even say hi to your friend Shia LaBeouf!’ and I’m like, ‘What!?'” Joe confirmed that there is absolutely no animosity between him and Shia. We can’t blame the guy for having poor facial recognition skills!

Recently, Joe has began working as a solo artist, which is a very new thing for the former boy band member. Joe and brothers Nick and Kevin first shot to fame because teenage girls everywhere fell in love with their pop rock music, so it’s got to be weird working as a solo artist now! Even though Joe is missing his two brothers, he says he’s really happy with the career move he’s chosen: “It’s been really cool! I’ve been able to see my brothers quite a bit. I’ve been playing some old Jonas Brother songs on stage and the fans have been going crazy! It’s just a really exciting time in my life. It’s super busy and its the craziest experience but I’m really loving it.” While we’re sure Joe is still getting used to heading to the recording studio without his brothers with him, he seems to be really comfortable with the idea of being a solo artist.

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Joe also commented on his upcoming tours with Jay Shawn and pop princess Britney Spears. Joe said he and Jay have known each other for a couple of years now and had always thought it would be fun to do work together. His decision to bring Jay on tour with him was easy: “I was kinda looking at possibilities of who to bring out on tour. We thought, ‘What a cool idea to bring both of us out there to do a co-headlining tour!” The two talented stars also announced that pop singer JoJo would be joining them on tour, prompting Joe to call this nineteen city tour the “Triple J Tour!” That’s quite a fitting name! On touring with Britney, Joe said he’s “really excited” about the month long tour and hopes to “come back [afterwards] to do some more touring.”

Check out Ryan’s full interview with Joe Jonas below! What are your thoughts on Joe as a solo artist? Should he stick with his brothers or continue to work alone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!