Kasey Kahl Defends His Serenade on Last Night’s Episode of ‘Bachelor Pad’ [AUDIO]

August 23, 2011 9:17 am

Vienna Girardi’s guardian and protector, Kasey Kahl, showcased his singing voice on last night’s episode of ‘Bachelor Pad,’ and let’s just say we hope he spares the American Idol judges and opts out of auditioning for the singing show. Even though it seemed like Kasey was trying to be sweet and romantic, it’s easy to see that even Vienna was struggling to hold back her laughter.

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Vienna and Kasey called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about his warbling tune. Kasey did his best to cover it up: “I’m not a singer, I’m not going to try out for American Idol, I promise. It was just a funny little moment where I was trying to make a funny little song. Because she kept begging me, you’ve got to sing me a Kasey song!'” He’s right about the ‘funny’ part! The song doesn’t even rhyme: “I gave you a promise ring/I put it on your finger.” Last time we checked, “ring” and “finger” weren’t great rhyming words.

When asked about the little melody, Vienna admitted to finding it hilarious: “The first song that he sung was actually hysterical. Everybody out there was cracking up laughing. So that is what I was actually laughing at, and then he sung me a sweet Kasey song.” Despite Ryan’s pleas to have Kasey sing another tune on air, he refused saying he had “Vegas Voice” and that he “can barely talk right now.” Sure, Kasey!

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This reality couple has already earned themselves notoriety for their strange chemistry on TV, and Kasey’s love song only enhances that. Even though we know he was attempting to be sweet, we hope he doesn’t break out his singing voice again anytime soon on “Bachelor Pad.”