Taylor Swift Denies Rumors of Rekindled Romance with Taylor Lautner [AUDIO]

August 23, 2011 7:48 am

Country’s darling, Taylor Swift, called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to discuss such pressing topics as her rumored romance with Taylor Lautner, her tell-all book, and a possible collaboration with Bruno Mars!

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Taylor told Ryan that she prides herself on remaining happy and worry-free when it comes to tabloids. She realizes that constantly obsessing over what the gossip columnists write won’t make anyone happy, so she avoids them altogether. Ryan, on the other hand, wanted to address some rumors about the curly-haired singer.

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Apparently, news that Taylor Swift and ‘Twilight‘ hottie Taylor Lautner had rekindled their romance at the Teen Choice Awards had been buzzing around the tabloids but Taylor denies ever having knowledge that such a rumor even existed! “Didn’t hear that one! We’re incredibly close friends but that’s not something that’s newsworthy so people write other stuff. We’re just really good friends!” The two young celebrities do make a good couple, though!

We also heard recently that Miss Swift was currently penning her very own tell-all book, but when asked about it, Taylor acted surprised: “No, not at all! I haven’t even heard that rumor!” If she did write a book, we’d probably be the first to buy it!

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Before Taylor called in to On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, a fan wrote on Ryan’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest) asking if Taylor and Bruno Mars would ever do a collaboration song together. She spilled that she thinks “he is amazing” and “such a great artist.” This fan will surely be pleased when she hears that Taylor admitted to being “such a huge fan. We’ve talked about writing together and we think it would be an amazing collaboration.” We do, too!

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Listen to Taylor Swift’s interview with Ryan below! Also, be sure to enter in this contest to win a trip to see Taylor Swift Live in concert and meet her in person afterward!