11 Ways To Decode Your Potential Boyfriend’s Facebook!

August 25, 2011 10:45 am

We’re all guilty of this: You meet a great guy whom you really hit it off with and as soon as you get home you take to your Facebook account to do some good ol’ fashioned internet spying. Although it has a bad rep, Facebook “creeping” as it’s known can be a pretty good way to determine what kind of a guy you’re dealing with. Although it’s important to stay open minded and keep strong judgements at bay, you might be able to find some valuable dirt on your potential new date mate. Here are some tips to help you discover what type of person your man is before you ever go out with him!

11. Tons of photos with other girls
If your new love interest has a plethora of photos with girls, especially out at parties and clubs, be cautious. While lots of guys enjoy a few photos where they’re surrounded by pretty girls, too many suggestive shots with a bevy of beautiful women could mean he’s a player and isn’t looking for anything long term. This party boy likes to chat up the ladies at the bar, but ultimately won’t offer anything more than a fun fling or a short hook up.

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10. Multitudes of Wall posts from girls
This one seems self explanatory and is similar to #1. If he’s got more than one girl making comments such as, “Hey! It was great to meet you last night, let’s hang out soon! x,” or “Last night was special. Call me!” beware once again of the player possibility. Adding numerous female Facebook pals in the span of a few weeks is a little excessive and might hint that he loves to look and is likely not ready to stop!

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9. He updates his status ALL THE TIME
Okay, the frequent updater is cause for concern. If a guy updates his status more than once a day, it could mean he’s clingy, desperate or in need of a hobby (or worse, a job!) Any guy that is willing to invest that much time on his Facebook account probably would use you as his next thing to obsess over, and trust us, that’s not a good thing.

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8. He waits more than three days to respond to your Facebook message
If you felt the chemistry and send him a nice message the day after you two meet and he doesn’t respond for three or more days, take heed. It could mean he’s not interested. If a guy found a girl that he was really into, even a busy, employed guy, he’d want to respond to her message right away. Any guy that delays getting back to you this long probably isn’t feeling it too much. Sorry girls, he’s just not that into you!

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7. He has pictures with family members
It’s a super good sign when your new interest has pictures with his family. That means he’s a loyal guy with strong relationships with his kin. But stay wary if virtually all of his pictures are with his family members, it may mean he’s lacking a bit in the friend department, or he’s a mama’s boy. On the flip side, it could also be a sign of a man with lots of character who simply values family ties above all else. More research required with this one!

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6. All of his profile pictures are taken on Mac Photobooth
We girls do this all the time…posing in front of our computers in order to get that perfect, sexy shot. That’s all fine, but any guy that is willing to sit in front of his computer snapping photos of himself is probably too vain to function normally in society. A couple of these self portraits are acceptable, but beyond that, our red flags go up. Not only are these pictures awkward, but they also suggest he’s a self obsessed dude who will likely never view you and only you as the object of his desire.

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5. He Facebook chats you…all the time.
The day after you guys meet, he might send a sweet instant message saying how happy he was to meet you. You have a short and sweet conversation, and log off. Later that night, you log back on and are instantly bombarded with another message from him. This guy seems just a bit too eager to talk to you. The “Cyber Chatter” will never surprise you or keep you guessing and that type of guy in a relationship is no fun.

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4. His photos have variety
A guy who has a variety of photos of himself as his profile pictures is probably a good match. He’s got one in front of Niagra Falls, another of him playing beach volleyball with some friends, and yet one more of him and his buddies on a camping trip. This guy is charismatic, fun, and spontaneous. He knows how to have a good time and how to keep things fresh. An active guy like this is definitely worth a second date. But, there’s one thing to be aware of: We all love an athletic guy who exudes masculine charm, but as you peruse your man’s FB, look carefully at his sporting interests. If his shots consist of photos of his ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro, wrestling alligators in a Florida swamp and bungee jumping off a New York Skyscraper, think twice. This daredevil may at some point expect you to join him on such endeavors, and let’s face it, even if you refuse, do you really want the nail biting stress of having a boyfriend with a death wish? We didn’t think so.

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3. His friends seem interested in talking to him
If a bunch of his friends write on his wall asking how he is and what he’s been up to, it’s a sure sign that your new interest is a nice guy. Nothing attracts people more than a kind and charismatic personality. If his buddies are always wanting to hear about his life, he’s a good catch and probably always has something interesting going on. It’s always reassuring when your guy has loyal friends who think highly of your man of choice.

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2. He sends you a sweet message a day after you guys meet
This is always a good sign! The cute guy you hit it off with sends you a sweet and short message proclaiming how it was nice meeting you and how you two should get together again. If he took the time out of his schedule to forward his thoughts along, it definitely means he’s interested. Try seeing this guy one more time to make sure the chemistry is real.

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1. He says he’s “Single”
This is the golden ticket of Facebook creeping! Nothing ruins a cute guy more than seeing he’s “In a Relationship” on Facebook, especially one who was flirting with you the night before. If your man lists himself as single, that means he’s definitely ready to mingle on over into your arms!

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