Our Favorite YouTube Covers of the VMA ‘Best Video’ Nominees! [VIDEO]

August 26, 2011 10:47 am

We are literally counting down the days until the VMA’s (they’re on Sunday!) and we’re so excited to see who walks away with awards! We’re especially impressed with the nominees in the ‘Best Video’ category– each video nominated is unique, entertaining, and creative, and all have amazing songs to match. The YouTube community definitely responded well to the nominated tunes…there are tons of covers of each of the songs and so many of them are really impressive. Here are our Top 5 Covers of the ‘Best Video’ nominees!

Our Favorite YouTube Cover Artists! [VIDEO]

5. Tyler the Creator “Yonkers”
This talented kid gives Tyler the Creator’s intense song “Yonkers” a slowed down, acoustic spin. We like how his version of the tune sounds like it came straight off of an indie, acoustic record.

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4. “Make Some Noise” by The Beastie Boys
We like this punched up version of “Make Some Noise” because it adds in a little rocker flare to The Beastie Boys song! This kid shows some true talent with his drum skills. We like that this old school hip hop song sounds a bit more alternative with his drum rolls added in!

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3. “Grenade” by Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars’ tortured love song, “Grenade,” gets a simplistic makeover by YouTube sensation Boyce Avenue. If it’s even possible, these guys make Bruno’s song about unrequited love sound even more forlorn! Listen to their chilling rendition of the tune below.

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2. “Firework” by Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s inspirational song about confidence and individuality has everyone singing along. This YouTuber decided to take this hit song to the next level by covering the entire beat–instruments and all– using only his mouth. The result is this amazing a’capella rendition of “Firework!”

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1. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”
We were stunned when we stumbled upon this incredible cover of Adele’s ultra popular song, “Rolling in the Deep.” This rendition possesses the same passion and soul as the original, but there’s one glaring difference: the singer of this cover is only twelve years old! How impressive is that?! Watch her video below, you’ll be amazed!

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