Paul Rudd Talks About Throwing Harvey Weinstein’s Oscar Away [AUDIO]

August 26, 2011 8:45 am

Funny man Paul Rudd called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about his new movie, “Our Idiot Brother,” Crocs, and what it was like to pitch to Harvey Weinstein.

Paul gets a super strange makeover for this new comedy flick where he plays an unconditionally optimistic guy. After he sells marijuana to a uniformed police officer, he’s sent to jail. Upon his release, he has no place to stay so he crashes in his family members homes, resulting in hysterical chaos.

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While on set, Paul had to wear Crocs nearly the entire time. The footwear has become a running joke across the nation and very few people admit to truly liking them. Despite his celebrity status, Paul revealed that he actually enjoyed wearing them! “I’ve never worn Crocs before! They breathe, they really breathe!” You keep wearing your Crocs, Paul.

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Ryan simply had to bring up a Funny or Die Exclusive video of Paul pitching marketing ideas to film heavyweight Harvey Weinstein. The video is laugh out loud funny, but we think Paul must have been nervous acting like a total fool in front of such a prominent figure in the entertainment industry: “It was kind of legitimately scary. Even if you’re playing around and he’s a good sport, it’s still weird to insult the guy and throw his Oscar in the trash in front of him!” Props to him, we can’t even imagine doing that!

Be sure to check out “Our Idiot Brother” in theaters now! Also, watch Paul’s Funny or Die Exclusive skit with Harvey Weinstein below!