Los Angeles TSA Agents Confiscate Producer Nelson’s Pompadour Hair Products [PHOTO]

August 26, 2011 8:23 am

This summer, crazy hairstyles have been seen by numerous celebrities that sure have us raising eyebrows!

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The latest hairstyle trends have been crazier than ever. Some celebrities are dying their hair the colors of the rainbow, while others are chopping only one side of their hair like singer Cassie!

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Even one of Ryan Seacrest‘s producers jumped on the bandwagon! Nelson is seen here with a skyrocketing faux hawk-inspired updo that definitely adds at least six inches on top of his head! We’re not sure if he’s trying to make himself look taller or hiding candy inside, but he sure makes a statement in the Ryan Seacrest Productions office! Although the TSA confiscated his hair product during a recent trip to Puerto Vallarata that doesn’t keep him down!