Top 5 Most Outrageous MTV Moments [VIDEO]

August 26, 2011 1:21 pm

The MTV ‘Video Music Awards’  have always been a must for millions of people waiting to see the latest and most outrageous moments on television. Its that time of year again, the ‘VMA’s’ will air Sunday, August 28th. In honor of the 2011 VMA’s we have compiled a list of the most outrageous moments in the shows history! Enjoy!

#5 Sasha Baron Cohen ‘Bruno’ & Eminem

In 2009 actor Sasha Baron Cohen attended the awards in character as ‘Bruno’ to promote his newly released flick. When called to present Cohen, or ‘Bruno’, was hoisted down from the ceiling and landed on Eminem. The rapper stormed out of the building enraged but later admitted that it was all one big joke…

#4 Lil Kim and Diana Ross

During the 1999 VMA’s rapper Lil Kim wore a purple colored jumpsuit along with a pasty. She took the stage along with Mary J. Blige to present the award for best hip hop video. While on stage Lil Kim also welcomed her icon, Ms. Diana Ross to the stage, heres what happened….

#3 Madonna and Courtney Love

Mega star Madonna was in the middle on an interview with MTV’s Kurt Loder after the 1995 VMA’s when out of nowhere things are thrown at her. Turns out it was an apparently drunk Courney Love who was vying to get Lady M’s attention…

#2 Taylor and Kanye

It’s a day that will go down in MTV and pop culture history. There stood Taylor Swift on stage accepting her award for best music video and then appears rapper Kanye West. He snatches the microphone from Swift and proclaims that Beyonce should be the winner!!

#1 Madonna, Christina and Brit

The single most outrageous moment in MTV VMA history, the kiss between Madonna, Christina Aguleria and Britney Spears. The trio opened the show performing  ‘Like a Virgin’ and by the time it was all over, people couldn’t believe what they had just saw!