5 Moments When Nicki Minaj Dressed Like A Normal Person [PHOTOS]

August 27, 2011 9:21 am

Nicki Minaj will be giving fans an exclusive first look at the video for her single “Fly” featuring Rihanna at this weekend’s 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Inspired, we decided to dedicate a moment to the singer and take a look back, not at her wackiest fashion moments, but her most normal…it’s almost hard to believe it’s the same Nicki we’ve seen perform and on the carpets!

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5. With Perez Hilton in November 2010:


As Perez had captioned the photo, here’s the “reigning Queen of rap with the Queen of all media,” sans her usual sense of costume fashion. Maybe the singer didn’t want to upstage her fellow Queen with her fierce wardrobe!

4. Outside Letterman:


Sure she changed into something more extreme for the taping, but upon arrival Nicki actually looked casual! We never thought the the songstress would be seen in a pair of jeans, with the flashiest part of her outfit being her necklace bling!

3. BET’s Rip the Runway:


Yes, it’s a super short, tight, hot pink dress, which not many average women would don, but this is basically a Sunday dress for Minaj. She looks classy having combined the dress with very simple hair and few accessories.

2. LAX Airport:


If not for the paparazzi, we would’ve guessed the rapper to wear something involving studs, leopard, glitter, and more as she does on the red carpet while exiting the landing strip. Looks like Minaj travels like the rest of us, in dare we say it; sweats!

1. Billboard Live Q&A:


Picturing Nicki Minaj in the all American get-up of a jean jacket is hard to visualize. If it weren’t for photos, we wouldn’t believe it!

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Although it’s nice to see Nicki wearing things a little more normal, we appreciate her crazy outfits just the same, if not more! Nicki will surely make a fashion statement at the VMAs. Do you think she will play it safe or push boundaries?