‘Jersey Shore’s’ Deena Recounts The Fight Between Ronnie & The Situation [AUDIO]

August 29, 2011 8:40 am

“Blast in a Glass” Deena from the Jersey Shore calls into On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about the man-on-man duel between Ronnie and ‘The Situation,’ her “bi-curious” experience with another girl, and her interest in being on Dancing With The Stars.

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Nothing has been as crazy as the Ronnie vs. ‘The Situation’ battle that was seen on the last episode of Jersey Shore. Deena describes that it was “one of the most intense fights we’ve ever had in the house because it was two guys fighting and that never really happens. Usually, it’s girls going at it.”

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‘The Situation’ is always one to back away from fights, but this time, drama gets built up into one nasty scene. According to the reality star, Ronnie got sick of ‘The Situation’ getting too involved in his and Sammi’s relationship.

After a few nasty blows, ‘The Situation’ is on the floor and needs urgent care from emergency personnel. Deena confesses that she was worried for Mike. She says that they have a “love hate relationship with Mike (‘The Situation’), we put all that aside…we really do care about this kid.”

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Deena goes on to tell listeners of her “bi-curious” nature. On the episode, she starts dancing and eventually makes out with one of the twin girls ‘The Situation’ was pursuing to have a threesome with. In her own words, she says that “sharing is caring,” and we sure get a good glimpse of her being VERY generous!

When asked what the best part of being involved with “Jersey Shore” is, she says that she loves that people know who she is, especially when Lil’ Wayne shouted out to her.

The former Longhorn steakhouse waitress has definitely made a name for herself and is “willing to go as far as it [the show] goes.”

Listen to the full interview below to hear “Blast In The Glass” discuss whether or not she would hook up with Pauly D again or not!