Snooki Begins New Career As Newscaster [VIDEO]

September 2, 2011 7:00 am

Snooki showcases a new talent we didn’t know about as an anchorwoman for her own show on Cambio called “News According to Snooki.”

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“I’ve always wanted to be an anchorwoman, and hello, I look hot doing it,” the Jersey Shore reality star says in her hilarious 2-minute debut. She covers news stories with “in-depth” commentary, such as her take on Hurricane Irene: “I live in the East Coast so that’s really really scary. When you’re powerless, you can’t like straighten your hair…go on Twitter, go on Facebook, you can’t talk on the phone, you just sit there and do nothing.”

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Snooki even raves about Beyonce & Jay-Z‘s baby, saying that it will be “tan, obviously.” She goes on to talk about other not-so-serious news such as a dog that can add and subtract, a 75-year old woman who got breast implants, and a dog that ate $10,000 worth of diamonds!

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Lastly, she assures us that aliens exist and has even gotten abducted by them! Thanks to them, they somehow bring her back home from partying at the clubs when she can’t remember how she got back safely!

You have to see this laugh-out-loud funny video, which even includes quick transitions of her making weird faces, making absurd sounds, and eating pickles!

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Should she keep her day job as a reality star on Jersey Shore? Or, do you think she can actually have a chance as an anchorwoman? Tell us what you thought of the video in the comments!

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