Why Mike Fleiss Produces ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Shark Night’? [AUDIO]

September 2, 2011 12:01 am

Mike Fleiss is one of the creative geniuses behind all “The Bachelor” franchises. However, he is also the producer of really gory horror flicks, including “Shark Night 3D,” which hits theaters today. Slasher flicks and romantic reality TV seem like two very different beasts, so why has he decided to tackle both?

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“I like to keep it balanced. Because I’ve got roses and the tears of ‘The Bachelor’ and now I’ve got the blood and the guts of ‘Shark Night,’ ‘Hostel,’ ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ and those kind of things. That is the way that I stay sane. If it was all roses and tears I would probably go crazy.”

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That seems to make sense, a balanced diet never hurts.