Sarah J. Symonds Reveals Why Men Cheat & What Women Should Do About It [AUDIO]

September 6, 2011 6:00 pm

Sarah J. Symonds called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” this Tuesday morning to explain to listeners her own experience as a mistress, why men cheat, and what to do make sure your man doesn’t!

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With Labor Day weekend over, it is the official start of “cheating season,” where frustrated family men have spent a long summer on vacation with the family and kids who will now be on the “prowl,” says the former 14-year former mistress herself. Either that, or they will rekindle the affairs that they put on hold from an earlier time and “get their game back on.”

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According to the “Wife School” creator, there are two types of wives that get cheated on.
The first type of wife turns blind eye and doesn’t care about her husband’s doings.
The second wife, whom she wants to help the most, is the woman who has no idea!

The most common signs of your hubby cheating on you is if he takes his cellphone to the bathroom, if he is avoiding time with you, if he takes out more money from the ATM, or if he suddenly signs up for a gym membership but is never seen wearing or bringing back home gym clothes.

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So, how do you avoid a relationship going into shambles? Sarah gives us a couple rules to keep in the back of our minds:

Rule #1: Act like a mistress more than a wife. Essentially, make your man feel as if he was with a mistress: make him feel special, don’t take him for granted, and give in lots of sex.

Rule #2: Be the woman he married. “Don’t sit at home watching day-time shows piling on the pounds eating chips.” Doing this, Sarah says, “you’ll probably get everything you want to by default.”

When asked if she felt any guilt being the relationship ruiner, she bluntly explains that her relationship was not with the wives, but with the man in question.

She also continues to say that she believes in trust and honesty; however, it takes two people to make it work. And when there’s a wife, a husband, and a mistress, the wife will always try to blame the mistress. She hopes that women will listen to her advice so that they don’t find ourselves in a triangle of love.

Do you agree with Sarah’s advice? Have you ever been involved with a three-person relationship? We want YOUR opinions on this hot issue!!! Tell us below in the comments!

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