Justin Bieber Will Not Go To College Because He ‘Hates The Drama’ Of High School

September 9, 2011 12:55 pm

Justin Bieber gets to skip school and he has every every right to do so if he continues to be a singing sensation for “Beliebers” around the world!

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The 17-year-old, who just won the Best Male Video Award at the MTV VMAs, who was against competing artists such as Kanye West, Bruno Mars, and Eminem, was asked by paparazzi if he was going to continue his education after high school. He replied, ““To be honest, not in my plans as of now.”

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Will he miss going to classes and being just a regular kid? “No actually, I really don’t. [High school] is so dramatic. I hate drama,” the “U Smile” the Biebs said.

Lucky for him, his winning streak of music success will most likely continue for years to come! Even though he might have spelled “you” incorrectly in “U Smile,” let’s just hope he did that on purpose and wasn’t just a spelling error! Maybe school might be the better option if he continues to do so!

VIA X17Online