Madonna Being Sued For Being A Noisy Neighbor

September 9, 2011 5:10 am

Madonna is being charged by former neighbor Karen George who claims her loud music and floor stomping made her life a living hell!

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The singer owned three New York flats in a building called Harperley Hall where she used to house dance rehearsals for up to three hours a day! George had complained of Madonna’s constant disruption for 17 months until she finally took the issue in her own hands by filing for a lawsuit.

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While Madonna made attempts to soundproof her home, it remained a hindrance “to think, interact and relax in peace” for the resident. The ‘Like A Virgin’ superstar has since moved out of her flat and is awaiting to be summoned for court.

Let’s hope she sings “Like A Prayer” to get her out of this one!

VIA Mail Online