Anderson Cooper Eats Boston Market’s Turkey & Cornbread Every Day, Calls Obsession ‘Bizarre’ [AUDIO]

September 12, 2011 12:39 pm

He may travel the world, picking up various cultural traditions, customs and cuisine along the way but multihyphenate television personality Anderson Cooper is very set in his ways when it comes to his meals. The CNN anchor turned daytime talk show host called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday to talk about his new show “Anderson,” his experience broadcasting from ground zero during the 9/11 memorial and his infamous giggling fit that burned up the web.

When Ryan spoke to Cooper, 44, about his picky eating, he explained that isn’t so much a problem for him as regularity in his meals.

“I eat the same meal every day for months and months at a time,” he said calling from his office in New York. “For instance I’ve eaten Boston Market, grilled turkey with two sides of corn and a piece of cornbread for the last three or four months every day for lunch.”

Anderson Cooper Eats Boston Market’s Turkey & Cornbread Meal Every Day [AUDIO]

Cooper, who’s practiced this peculiar habit since he was a child told Ryan, “I really don’t care that much about food.” He continued, “I just never realized this was an issue, but everyone around me is like ‘you’re a freak for the way you eat.’ And I realized it’s a whole issue.”

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When Cooper’s not rehearsing Thanksgiving dinner, the busy journalist is balancing three gigs, “Anderson Cooper 360,” “60 Minutes” and his latest offering, “Anderson,” a daytime talk show which he says features a lighter side of him.

“For me it’s nice to be able to be able to kind of do something that shows more sides of my personality, and not just serious stuff,” explained Cooper who will have to fine tune his schedule to allow flexibility to leave New York at a moment’s notice for breaking news. “I’m going to be taping the daytime talk show three days a week, five shows or six shows a week.”

Despite his growing footprint on television, Cooper is still humble about his jobs and gives credit to some of the people who he reports on regularly.

“It’s not real work, it’s TV work,” he begins. “It’s a privilege to be able to do the kinds of things and go the kinds of places that I do. It’s not like I’m doing a real job like being a police officer or being a firefighter, or someone who is risking their life or someone who is really working every day.”

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