Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce’s ‘4 Intimate Nights’ Performances At Roseland Ballroom [VIDEO]

September 14, 2011 10:46 am

We just can’t get enough of Beyonce! She shocked the world with her pregnancy announcement (with Jay-Z) last month, and now, she takes us with her behind the scenes to dominate the famous, New York’s Roseland Ballroom.

Who doesn’t want to spend “4 Intimate Nights” with the “Diva” singer herself? The very first night’s show sold out in only 22 seconds! Beyonce’s crew calls this show her “most mature” and “authentic.” Beyonce will be performing all of the songs off her latest album, “4“. Meet the crew that helped put the show together below.

“What do you do after 16 Grammys and millions of records sold? Whatever makes you happy,” says the “Single Ladies” starlet. This is a chance for all Beyonce fans to see this singer as a human being. See how the show gets to put together below!

As the fans patiently wait for the show to start, Beyonce stands beside her mother and fellow colleagues to pray. As B prepares to take the stage, she takes a moment to say, “I just want to give them everything I have. I’m so excited about performing the album. And it’s just such a beautiful vibe inside. People are just ready to dance and enjoy the music.” Watch the fans anticipation below!

The moment of B taking the stage finally arrives. She tells this lucky audience, “Tonight is not about the thrills. It’s not about production. It’s not about choreography and costumes. It’s about music.” Check out exclusive clips of Beyonce’s performances below!