David Beckham’s Legs Are Worth $70 Million & Other Insane Insurance Policies On Celebrity Body Parts

September 15, 2011 5:40 am

It’s no secret that celebrities often have amazing assets to their nearly perfect physique. But did you know that they are actually legally insured for there signature quality? Julia Roberts pearly whites is worth more than some people make in a life time.

Check out the insane worth of these celebrity assets:

Kylie Minogue:

Butt is insured for $5 Million

Daniel Craig:

Body is $8 Million


Boobs insured for $2 Million


Legs insured for $1 Million

Heidi Klum:

Legs insured for $2.2 Million

Dolly Parton:

Insured for $3.9 Million

Keith Richards:

Middle finger insured for $1.2 Million

David Beckham:

Insured for $70 Million

Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts' smile insured for $30 million

America Ferrera:

America Ferrera insured for $10 Million