Ellen K Receives Burberry Shoes & Sprinkles Cupcakes For Her Birthday [PHOTO]

September 19, 2011 9:00 am

It’s a fabulous day in the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” headquarters this morning because the beautiful and talented, Ellen K., is celebrating her birthday!!! And may we just add, we’re really, really, really jealous of her Burberry present from Ryan, not to mention the amazing Sprinkles cupcakes!

(Photo by: Sadao Turner)
(Photo by: Sadao Turner)

All jealousy aside, here are a few reasons why we love “Hollywood’s Coolest Mom!”

1. She always gives us the scoop on Hollywood’s latest gossip!
2. We look forward to her female point of view every morning!
3. She’s living proof that you can be a successful business woman and still make time for your family!
4. She’s humble and sweet!
5. She has amazing blonde hair!
6. She used to be a competitive swimmer, and she practices yoga!
7. She’s Ryan’s right-handed woman!
8. She’s super funny!
9. She truly loves her job!
10. She’s just simply…HOT!

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The staff did surprise her with colorful balloons and cupcakes with her gorgeous face placed all over them! Ryan’s co-hostess proves that such a beauty can look even better with age and Burberry shoes! Happy Birthday Ellen K. and we wish you many more!!!

Make sure to wish your very own Ellen K. a happy birthday in the comments below!

(Photo by: Sadao Turner)