‘HorseManning’ Rap Video Boasts Newest Trend After ‘Planking’ & ‘Batmanning’ [VIDEO]

September 19, 2011 3:01 am

“Planking’s out of style now, been for a while now…” says these two rappers who created a Youtube viral video for the newest Internet fad: horsemanning! Listen to their catchy lyrics and watch their funny clips, they make horsemanning song a trend we should try and also something to dance to!

Is ‘Batmanning’ The New ‘Planking’? [VIDEO]

The rapping duo, named “Songs To Wear Pants To,” rap how to actually perform a horsemanning act: “Find a good spot, check out your floor plan…get a friend who’ll pretend her body’s part of you, you gotta look headless…then take a picture and put it up on the net…”

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With planking, batmanning, and now horsemanning, what can other people possibly come up with!? Have you tried one of these? Tell us the details below!!!