Man Accused of Killing His 61 Year-Old Mother Over Avril Lavigne Tickets

September 20, 2011 10:07 am

Usually when the term “die hard” is used to describe a devoted fan, no one actually needs to die to fit the phrase. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Linda Bolek. Prosecutors allege Robert Lyons of going ballistic when Bolek wouldn’t call a friend to arrange skybox tickets for an Avril Lavigne concert. However, defense attorneys say Lyons has bipolar disorder and was provoked into beating and stabbing his 61-year-old mother to death after she held a knife to his face during a heated argument.

Assistant State’s Attorney Ann Celine O’Hallaren said “This defendant was so angry with his mother that he bludgeoned and repeatedly stabbed her in a fit of rage.”  However, Assistant Public Defender Valerie Pacis countered saying, “She threatened to stab him in the eye, Lyons reacted. That reaction was not intended, that reaction was not planned.”

After killing his 61-year-old mother, Lyons poured several household chemicals on her body, changed his clothes and went shopping at several stores. He was then arrested hours later when he was found at a Hooters restaurant. The murder trial got under way this past Wednesday.