Demi Lovato Confesses She Doesn’t Speak Spanish During Jimmy Fallon Interview [VIDEO]

September 21, 2011 3:30 pm

Demi Lovato recently visited the ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon‘ show to talk about her amazing year she has been having. While talking with her “bestie,” Demi admitted that she doesn’t speak Spanish. In fact, she said her friends laugh at her because she doesn’t even know what the word ‘Ole!’ means.

This came as a bit of a shock since Demi is a latina, and has released Spanish songs. She also performed in Spanish at the ALMA awards, where she won ‘Best Summer Song’ for her hit ‘Skyscraper.’ The single is the song Demi performed at the award show in half English, and half Spanish. She admits, “I decided to sing the song half-English, half-Spanish, but my brain would not memorize it.” Lovato also tells Fallon, “So the day before I was like, I might need a teleprompter. While I’m like gliding through fog in a tight red dress, I’m reading a teleprompter, trying to look graceful, praying to God I don’t fall…” We think Lovato did an amazing job. Not only did she look graceful, she sounded graceful as well.

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Between her multiple awards she has received in the past few months, and her album, Unbroken, which was released yesterday and shot to number 1 within 55 minutes of release, Demi has a lot to celebrate. Watch the interview with Fallon below: