Adele’s Music Banned At Music Shop

September 21, 2011 1:45 pm

British singer, Adele, keeps giving us hits after hits after hits. Her latest single, “Someone Like You,” is making it’s way around for all musicians to make their own rendition of.

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Well, all musicians except for the ones shopping at Opus ii, a Dublin music shop. The owners have placed a sign in its window saying “Strictly NO Adele” as a warning to amateur musicians who enter the shop. Warren, who works there, says about this song, “It’s become the piano equivalent of ‘Stairway To Heaven‘. Everyone thinks they can play it,” He continues to explain to “The Indepedent,” “The sign was a bit of a joke, but the song can drive you mad.”

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Joke or not, you just can’t stop this phenomenon from selling music. Adele has already sold over 10 million copies of her second album, 21!