Timbaland Releases ‘Pass At Me’ Music Video Featuring Pitbull [VIDEO]

September 21, 2011 5:15 pm

Timbaland has teamed up with Pitbull for a hot new song that will definitely get you moving! ‘Pass At Me‘ is an fun, upbeat track that has all the makings of a radio hit! The two rappers teamed up for the music video as well.

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The video features Pitbull on a yacht full of lots of pretty girls just having a good time. Timbaland, however, is rapping in front of a beautiful mansion, also surrounded but lots of ladies. The video then transitions to Timbaland stepping off a jet with his ladies, hopping into a Mini Cooper. Timbaland is then in an exotic maze, where the only light source is a fire torch.

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The video then ends at a giant party, of course! With a mix of tropical dancers, neon lights, a DJ, and thousands of people, this seems like the party of the year. Watch below to watch the rappers having the time of their lives in the ‘Pass At Me’ music video!