EXCLUSIVE: Gavin DeGraw Says He Won’t Write Any Songs ‘Specifically’ About Being Attacked [AUDIO]

September 21, 2011 12:02 am

Gavin DeGraw‘s fourth studio album Sweeter hit iTunes and stores yesterday. A lot of people probably know that Gavin was savagely attacked on the streets of New York in August. He had to miss several dates on his tour with Maroon 5 and Train to recuperate. Thankfully, he’s recovered from his injuries, but will he be using this incident as inspiration for new music?

“I’m not going to write any songs about it specifically, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make some references to it here and there on some albums coming up and some songs coming up. Because every bit of your life ends up making it into a song here and there, wherever it fits and I will use all of it.”

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Watch the full video below of Gavin talking about his new album Sweeter and using the attack incident as inspiration.