Cute Chipmunk Fearlessly Steals Bowl Of Peanuts [VIDEO]

September 22, 2011 6:58 am

A chipmunk feasts on a bowl of peanuts as if it was the critter’s last supper! This hungry furball ravenously eats almost an entire bowl of peanuts larger than the size of it’s own head! It methodically sucks on the peanut on the left and ride side of the mouth, then fetches for another one giving him the chubbiest cheeks ever!!!

Bird Takes The Escalator [VIDEO]

After several seconds, the guy videotaping gets the chipmunk to start taking the peanuts from his own hand. Then finally, he even gets the critter to jump on his lap to eat what’s left in the bowl!

Cute Cat Climbs Wall Chasing Laser Pointer [VIDEO]

This little guy is just way too cute we want him as our own little office pet! Watch the video below!