Backstage Interviews With Carrie Underwood, Karmin, Janes Addiction at iHeartRadio [VIDEO]

September 24, 2011 12:56 am

The biggest, sold out music festival in the country, iHeartRadio took over Vegas on Friday night, and the celebrities hit up the backstage red carpet to give us the details on all things music and iHeartRadio.

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Carrie Underwood looked smoking hot showing off those legs in her skin-baring, black ensemble. And trust us, she was prepared to show them off. She says backstage, “I worked out in my room this morning. And then, we came here.”

Aside from those gorgeous gams, Carrie gave the inside scoop on her latest album. It will be her fourth studio album, and she wants to take it nice and slow. The “Before He Cheats” singer explains, “I am currently working on album number four. “American Idol” days seem like a million years ago to me to be honest, but I’m really excited. Doing a lot of writing. Doing some recording. Kind of taking a different approach to the whole album making process right now.”

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She continues to say, “We would like get all of our songs together and then go record them, and have them out. And now, I’m just kind of doing them a little bit at a time. It’s kind of nice to work and then take some time to be a person and then work some more. I don’t know. Keeps me creative.”

Although there isn’t a specific release for the album, Carrie says, “It won’t be too much longer. But I want to make sure it’s perfect. I want to really, this is number 4, I’m not playing around anymore. I’m serious.”

In honor of music’s big night, Carrie was asked if she has downloaded the iHeartRadio app yet. Her response, she says jokingly, “Carrie doesn’t do apps. I just don’t, I don’t, I’m like my mom, when it comes to technology. Maybe I’m a little better than that. They still have dial-up.”

Watch Carrie’s full interview backstage below!

YouTube band sensation, Karmin, aka Karminmusic, is the only new band to hit the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Band members, Amy and Nick, know how lucky they are, and they’re excited to get an album out. Amy says, “We’ve been in the studio, right?! The last three or four weeks working on the album. We’ve got most of it done. Which is record timing. Doesn’t it usually take longer?”

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They’ve created their own little genre in the music world, calling their style, “Swag Pop.” She says, “The swag pop comes from, well, we’re trying to figure out what genre we are because it’s not pop.” She later says, “It’s a combination of pop and rap kind of in the mix together.”

The duo from Boston have not downloaded the iHeartradio app yet, but are going to! Nick says, “We’re here for the next 48 hours, and we kind of need that app.”

Amy follows up with, “I’m thinking after we perform and before the after party, we’ll download it, and then, while we’re at the after party, we’ll be making our own stations.”

Watch to the full Karmin interview below!

Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro, hit up the backstage carpet with fellow band member, Stephen Perkins. Dave thinks it’s been a long time since a music festival of this nature has taken place. He remembers, “To me, ‘Lollapalooza‘ one was a great collectic ensemble of artists getting together. They’re celebrating music. And I think it’s important to support radio now. Primarily because, that’s when I was growing up, where I learned about music that later influenced my life.”

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Speaking of music, what’s next for Jane’s Addiction? Dave explains, “Well, they should be informed that we have a record coming out, “The Great Escape Artist.” It’s coming out October 18th. And we’re going to be doing one of the tracks from that album tonight called, “Irresistible Force.” And we’re about to do a world tour.”

Watch their full backstage interview below!

Albanian superstar singer, Bleona, has finally arrived in America and backstage at iHeartRadio, and she tells us she’s working with superstar music producer, Timbaland, on her first English album. She says, “He’s an amazing guy. I really have to thank him from the bottom of my heart for believing enough in me, and literally, I sat in the studio for 6 months straight, not even leaving the studio, until he said yes to me. He is a great guy, and a great music producer, and I am grateful and so blessed to work with him.”

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Will she be using the iHeartRadio app? She says, “The thing is, I’m still waiting until I finish all the songs in my album, and then, we’re going to create a strategy, and how we’re going to put the songs out there, and of course, iHeartRadio is going to be one of them.”

Meet this gorgeous singer and watch her full interview below!