‘Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough Admits That He Likes Brunette Girls [AUDIO]

September 26, 2011 7:06 am

Three time Mirror Ball Champ, Derek Hough called into “On air with Ryan Seacrest” on Monday to talk about the new season of “Dancing With The Stars,” his dance partner Ricki Lake, and tells us what his “type” is.

Okay ladies, we have all wondered what “type” of girl catches Derek’s eye?! Well, Derek spilled the details this morning. He admitted,”My type, which I didn’t realize until somebody pointed out to me, apparently is brunettes with darker skin tones, but that is about it as far as aesthetically.”

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When asked if he had hooked up with his brunette dance partner, Ricki Lake, Derek joked, “Several times, it’s very scandalous. I said ‘Listen, it’s nice to meet you, I’m now your new husband for the next 13 weeks, we are going to have an amicable divorce at the end, but just so you know we have a serious relationship now.'”

Tonight on “Dancing With The Star” Derek and Ricki will be dancing the Jive. Derek tells us, “Ricki is keeping up, she’s doing great, I’m really proud of her.” However, this was not the case from day one. Derek told us there was definitely a bit of a learning curve and in the beginning he admitted it was a little frightening.

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He says, “I watched ‘Hairspray’ to grab on to a few things that I thought she might already be able to do, but when I watched the movie, she is just kind of shaking her fun stuff.”

Ricki has definitely moved beyond just shaking her “fun stuff,” and we are sure that other teams are looking at them as one of the teams to beat! Derek tells us he has not seen the aggressive competitive side of any of the teams yet, but said “Once everybody starts to get broken down a little bit, and they start to get tired, around week 6 or 7 we will start to see some attitude come up a little bit.”

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If Derek and Ricki win this season of “Dancing With The Stars,” this will be Derek’s fourth mirror ball trophy. When asked what his future is with the show Derek replied “‘Dancing With The Stars’ will always sort of be my home, but I definitely want to venture out and do other things. I think in one way or another I will always be a part of it. Even if I am not on it I am sure I will be a part of it in some way, but as of now I’m enjoying it.”

“Dancing With The Stars” airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC at 8/7c.

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