RedOne Talks Lady Gaga & Cher Duet ‘The Greatest Thing’ To Be Released This Fall

September 26, 2011 6:10 pm

Can it really be true?! A Lady Gaga and Cher duet?! We’re having an icon overload moment at how epic this news is.

Super producer RedOne reveals that Gaga and Cher will release a duet entitled “The Greatest Thing” this fall. This really is the GREATEST thing.

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RedOne revealed to MTV, “[Gaga and I] recorded the song a few years ago, and we were always in the studio enjoying that song. It’s weird we never did anything with it. So I remember my management and Cher’s management were trying to get us together, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’d love to meet Cher, just to meet her!’ And so I met her, I played her some songs, and I played her ‘The Greatest Thing,’ and she loved it. She said, ‘This is my song,’ I said, ‘Yes, it’s your song.'”

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After hearing about the song, Gaga texted RedOne and said she’d love to be on the remix but he insisted Mother Monster jump on the original and thus the duet of a lifetime was born.

Now we must sit and wait for Christmas to come early to our ears from two of music’s biggest icons!

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VIA Digital Spy