American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Releases Snippet Of ‘Walk In The Country’ [AUDIO]

September 27, 2011 6:50 am

Last season’s “American Idol” winner, Scotty McCreery, called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to give Ryan a sneak peek into “Walk In The Country” a new track off his upcoming album, Clear As Day, and to put an end to a certain juicy rumor regarding former ‘Idol’ alum, Thia Megia.

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Scotty is one busy teenager. Since, the “Idol” tour just ended, Scotty is now focusing on his debut album, Clear As Day. He shares, “It’s called Clear As Day. We hit the ground running, May 26th, the day after the finale. We’re really proud. We got a lot of good songs. A lot of songs that describe me.” Scotty’s new track “Walk In The Country” was originally sung by Keith Urban. Listen to a snippet of Scotty’s version below.

The country singer has been making headlines as of late with a certain fellow “Idol” contestant, and we’re not talking about Lauren Alaina. Scotty has been rumored to be dating Thia Megia. He sets the record straight by saying, “I have not heard that rumor before. I’ll have to decline that one. Me and Thia, we’re good friends, but I mean, nothing more than that.”

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The “I Love You This Big” singer wants you to know just how much he loves a certain thirst-quenching beverage. He says, “Well, there’s a line in ‘Water Tower Town‘ that says, ‘Sweet tea goes with anything.’ And, well, that’s pretty much all I drank. I walked six miles to a McDonalds in LA to get sweet tea one time.”

For a typical high school student who bowls during gym class and plans on going to college, he will always remember the audition that changed his life forever. Scotty says, “I was thinking, ‘are you kidding me?’ I mean, just looking at them, being star-struck, seeing Steven (Tyler), Jennifer (Lopez), and Randy (Jackson), and then, when I got done, and Steven said his little thing, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m in the middle of an ‘American Idol’ audition moment. I want to see this when this thing comes on the air.’ It was a pretty cool thing.”

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Catch Scotty’s new album out on October 4th! And while you’re at it, listen to the full interview below!

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