Bruno Mars Talks Creating ‘It Will Rain’ For ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Soundtrack [AUDIO]

September 27, 2011 8:07 am

The “Just the Way You Are” hottie, Bruno Mars, called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to talk about his new single for the “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack!

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There’s a lot of feelings and emotions surrounding the new single titled, “It Will Rain.” Bruno wrote this song while out on the road. He explains the meaning behind it by saying, “The song is inspired by the movie, ‘Breaking Dawn.’ It’s a love story, but it’s a very dark love story. And I think that’s what I tried to do with this record. It really kind of captured that emotion and felt that struggle. I feel like they’re fighting to be together, and I know what that feels like.”

He doesn’t know where in the movie, you’ll be able to hear the song, but he’s excited to find out. He says, “I wish I knew. I wish I knew. I really have no idea, and I’m kind of excited about that because it makes me want to really go see the movie and see where they stuck me.”

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The “Grenade” singer’s stardom is exploding all over the globe, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of this talented songwriter. Well, a certain, “Should’ve Said No,” curly-blonde hair, superstar might have first dibs. Bruno says, “We haven’t gotten to the studio yet. We’ve been talking about it. You don’t say, ‘no,’ to Taylor Swift. I’m ready whenever she is. As soon as we get the time to get in the studio, I’d love to write a record with her.”

Bruno, with his volumized hair, is ready to make new music, and he’s excited for what’s to come. He says, “I’m going on tour, and I’m trying to write. I wrote this song (‘It Will Rain’) on the tour bus, actually, so I’m going to continue to do that. I’m going to Europe in a couple of weeks and hopefully have some new material so by the time I get back, I’ll have half the album done.”

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The highly anticipated first installment of “Breaking Dawn” will be coming out in November, but you can download a copy of Bruno’s “It Will Rain” on iTunes right now!

Listen to the full interview below!

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