Harvey Levin Comments On The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray [AUDIO]

September 28, 2011 6:31 am

Harvey Levin called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to discuss the opening remarks of the trail against Dr. Conrad Murray.

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Regarding the initial shock of seeing Michael Jackson laying dead on a hospital gurney Harvey says, “I’m surprised the judge actually let it in. It was very dramatic. The prosecution did a very good visual job of driving its point home.” Harvey continued, “I think this whole trial is going to come down one word. Abandonment. I think that is the key word here, and it wasn’t fully addressed.”

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Regarding the possibility of Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, being called as a witness Harvey states, “I don’t think he’s a critical witness. Its always dicey to call a kid to the stand. Especially someone who’s father died. Lawyers who do that are typically viewed as ogres. I would be surprised if they called him, and I would be even more surprised if they cross examined him even if he was called.”

Listen to the entire interview below, and be sure to check RyanSeacrest.com as we will follow all coverage of the trial.

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