Watch Adele’s Heartbreaking Music Video for ‘Someone Like You’ [VIDEO]

September 29, 2011 8:26 pm

Since Adele‘s first album ‘19‘ entered the UK Charts at the top with ‘Chasing Pavements‘ in January of 2008, we have listened closely to each painful portrayal of lovelessness. True to form, Adele’s ‘Someone Like You‘ was released early Thursday evening and is the next music video off her sophomore smash album ‘21‘ which features the British songstress strolling heartbroken through deserted Paris streets in the early morning hours reminiscing of a long lost love.

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Interestingly, we find Adele walking along the Seine River in Paris (also known as the ‘City of Love & Lights’), void of any love and affection, and the city portrayed in vintage black and white. The touching video reaches its resolution by Adele reconnecting with a shadowed figure, perhaps to reconcile, only to have him reject her once more.

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While some may say the simplicity of introducing the artist with a single continuous shot for the majority of the music video may be disengaging, I believe the exact opposite. Although Adele does not gaze into the camera often we can’t tear our eyes away from the heartbroken singer. Her words pierce our hearts and are forced to remember along with her our own past loves. ‘Someone Like You’ is not typical music video escapism, but a hard look into our own heartbroken pasts.