Boyfriend Proposes At Disneyland With Dancing Flashmob [VIDEO]

September 29, 2011 5:14 am

Jamin Love did what just about every girl dreams of her man doing, proposing at Disneyland. The husband-to-be did the ultimate romantic gesture in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district.

The proposal begins as Jamin takes a stroll with his now-fiance, Val, through the shopping & dining area of the Disneyland Resort. The couple stops to observe a group of their close friends dancing to Bruno MarsMarry You.‘ The bride-to-be is enjoying every second of the dance, where it then gets even better when she gets an unexpected surprise. Her future hubby jumps in with the dancers and starts showing off his moves.

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By that point, it was pretty clear to Val that her boyfriend is about to turn into her fiancé as she covers her mouth the whole time and starts tearing up. Jamin then leaves the dance to walk to his future bride and pulls out a ring box. As he gets down on one knee, Val is completely speechless. She finally composes herself enough to say yes! Meanwhile, the crowd is cheering and clapping to this fairytale proposal.

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We’re sure that Val felt like a Princess straight from a Disney movie during her proposal. We definitely think Jamin proved himself to be the perfect Prince Charming. Since words do not do this enchanting video, watch the amazingly romantic proposal below!

Just like every Disney movie, we hope you two live happily ever after!