Romantic Comedy Movies May Be ‘Harming Women’ Says New Study

September 30, 2011 9:45 am

You might think that a girl’s night in eating popcorn and watching “The Proposal” is pretty harmless, right? Think again!

Researchers from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland conducted a study that romantic comedies can create unrealistic expectations for love and relationships. The results are in, and the researches found out that this could in fact be true, especially in the communication department.

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It turns out girls who love romantic chick flicks are more likely to expect their guy to know what they want or how they’re feeling without having to tell them. There are so many of those epic movie moments when a lightbulb finally goes on for the guy and he suddenly knows exactly what’s wrong and the perfect way to fix it.

Besides, you now expect your guy to convince an airport employee of why he must get on that plane as it’s taking off so he can express his unconditional love for you, (we all can name at least five movies where that has happened, right?) On top of that, you expect rose petals to cover your entire apartment and for him to propose to you on top of the Eifel Tower.

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While we are all for having the perfect fairytale romance, let’s not be unrealistic now. But hey, if your guy really does propose to you on the Eifel Tower and covers your apartment with rose petals, more power to you both! No one should ever give up on the idea of true love and finding love like in the movies. But just don’t get too carried away!

What’s your most romantic story between you and your significant other? Do you think it’s okay to have movie-like expectations when it comes to your relationship? Comment below at tell us what you think!

VIA: Cosmo