Carson Kressley Reveals The Secrets of the ‘DWTS’ Spray Tan [AUDIO]

October 3, 2011 12:01 am

“Dancing With The Stars” is back for more shimmying and hot steppin’ tonight on ABC and one of the things you always hear about around the show is the spray tanning. For those who agree to do the show, they are as sure to go “under the spray gun,” as sure as they are going to squeeze into a pair of purple skin tight pants.

Carson Kressley Says The Cast of ‘DWTS’ Really Does Hang Out! [AUDIO]

But, who is this tanner and where and how does it happen? After a little bit of begging, cast member Carson Kressley revealed to us “The Untold Secrets of the ‘DWTS’ Spray Tan.” Carson tells us, “It happens right here in the studio, every Sunday, just before Mondays show. They fly in this lady from Colorado and she will airbrush you, and not everybody’s abs are really that poppin’.”
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