Kristin Cavallari Friendly With Ex-Fiance Jay Cutler Saying ‘We’re Tweeting Each Other’ [AUDIO]

October 3, 2011 7:00 am

The reality TV blonde bombshell, Kristin Cavallari, called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday to set the rumors straight about Dancing With The Stars partner Mark Ballas, and her ex-fiance Jay Cutler, as well as give her opinion on the dancing profession.

Kristin Cavallari & Mark Ballas Caught ‘Nuzzling’

Since her beginning reality days on “Laguna Beach,” Kristin has had her share of sexy, leading men, and now, that she’s dancing her way onto “Dancing With The Stars,” she’s spending lots of time with her dance partner, Mark Ballas. She explains, “You’re in there Wednesday, and you’re learning a whole new routine. You really have to have it done by Sunday because we have camera blocking. So if you don’t know it by Sunday, you’re pretty much screwed.”
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Kristin responds to the rumor that she split up Mark and former American Idol alum, Pia Toscano. She says, “No, and it’s really unfair that people drag me into this. Why should I be dragged into Mark’s drama? I have nothing to do with it, honestly. No offense, Mark’s a great guy, but he’s like a brother to me. And I would just never go there.”

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The former “Hills” bad girl is happy for her ex, Brody Jenner, and his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne. She comments, “I think they’re cute together, actually. They work well together.”

She’s not with Mark, and she’s not with Brody. So the question is, is Kristin back to dating ex-fiance, Jay Cutler? She shares, “Well, you know what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s just best not to talk about your relationships. And I’m sticking to that.”

She later gives in and says, ““We’re friendly. We’re tweeting each other. It’s pretty hard to see each other right now when I’m dancing, and he’s playing football.”

Are Kristin Cavallari And Ex-Fiance Jay Cutler Getting Back Together?

Kristin doesn’t know if “reality” co-star, Lauren Conrad, is dating dancer, Derek Hough, but she does know that dancing isn’t all that sexy. She shares, “Everyone thinks it’s so sexy. It’s not because we’re sweaty. We’re gross. It’s long hours. You’re tired. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I don’t find it sexy or romantic at all.”

Catch Kristin tonight wearing an itty bitty red number on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” at 8/7c, and listen to the juicy interview below!