‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane Describes ‘Angry Call’ From Jon Stewart [VIDEO]

October 6, 2011 11:14 am

Who knew that Seth MacFarlane and Jon Stewart were beefing?!

“It was an angry call,” is how MacFarlane explained the phone call placed to him by ‘The Daily Show‘ host. “It was an odd Hollywood moment, I was a big fan of his show and here I was getting this really angry, angry phone call.”

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During the 2008 Writers Guild Of America strike members refused to write anything else until conditions for the contract they wanted were met. Jon Stewart and his team returned to the air early, and ‘crossed picket lines.’ MacFarlane disagreed with Stewarts actions and decided to write a joke to be used on his mega-hit show, ‘Family Guy.’ Stewart did not find the joke funny, in fact, Stewart felt insulted.

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In an exclusive interview with CNN‘s Piers Morgan, MacFarlane says he received a phone call one day from an extremely upset, Jon Stewart who asked MacFarlane “Who the hell made you the moral arbiter of Hollywood!?” While MacFarlane did disagree with Stewart’s actions, he does call Stewart “an important voice.”