Kim Kardashian ‘Would Go To Oklahoma City’ For Husband Kris Humphries [AUDIO]

October 7, 2011 9:10 am

Kim Kardashian called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Friday to discuss all the drama of planning a wedding, the timing of having children, and most importantly where the newlyweds will call home.

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Kim talks about how infuriated she was with Kris Humphries while attempting to plan the wedding saying, “When I asked him to do something, nothing would happen…it would take him forever. So I think I finally just lost it!” Apparently, Lamar Odom told the future husband to “just show up,” which led the Kardashian to break down on the show!

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Kim recollects what she thought when she first saw her husband to be, “I saw someone that would always be honest and good to me and have fun.” As for when they will be making Humphries-Kardashian babies, they are asking to “give us a year” once she settles back from a small trip to Australia!

When asked what she would do if Kris was drafted to the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, she says “I would go to Oklahoma City. We’re not going to live a separate life.”

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