Rachel Zoe Overpacks For Flight From Paris

October 7, 2011 7:10 am

Designer Rachel Zoe doesn’t know what ‘travel light’ means!

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The typical airline passenger brings two, maybe three bags to check in at the airport but when you are a stylist to the stars and fashion icon…things change. The reality-tv starlet was spotted at the Paris airport with not one, not two, not three but thirteen suitcases. Two of which were Louis Vuitton duffles which run for several thousand a piece.

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The U.K. entertainment news website, The DailyMail, has all the photos. Zoe, who recently gave birth to son Skylar Bermon in March, was in Paris for ‘Fashion Week.’ While there is usually a weight limit on bags, Zoe had an exception because she traveled on ‘EuroStar,’ which is a train transit company much like ‘Amtrak‘ here in the United States. The excess luggage did come with a fee, Zoe dished out an additional twenty-five dollars per bag.