Adam Lambert Uses Twitter To Announce New Album Details

October 10, 2011 10:31 am

‘American Idol’ alum Adam Lambert apologized for the delay of his newest single via Twitter. But, fans won’t have to wait too long since the single will hit radios and “explode” in November!

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He blamed the delay on his need for perfection and promised fans the wait would be worth it, even though the official single hasn’t been chosen yet.

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Adam tweeted to over 1.2 million fans:

Adam also let fans read lyrics from multiple songs from the new album. He tweeted: “I’m swingin, off of my hinges, I’m cocked and I’m ready to go”, “All along, I tried to pretend it didn’t matter if I was alone…”, “lost inside communication breakdown, better just read my lips. Comin’ in clearer when we get down. iceberg. Just the tip.”

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Adam tweeted that the new album will drop in either Feb. or March 2012.

VIA: Twitter