Kim’s Fairytale Wedding Part 2: Here’s What You Missed

October 11, 2011 8:32 am

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tied the knot on TV last night and gave fans moments of drama, laughter and tears as all the “I Do’s” went down! Despite all the planning chaos, the Kardashian clan pulled out a black and white themed wedding that was nothing short of spectacular. In case you missed Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, here are the highlights:

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1. Kardashian or Humphries?
Kim’s last name is more than just a title, it’s an empire and Momager Kris Jenner wasn’t about to let the bride to be forget it! At the bridal shower, Kris explained “There is no way I’m letting Kim change her name. You are incorporated, Kim Kardashian Inc.” Furious with her mom for not understanding, Kim stormed out of the conversation but inevitably listened to her mother’s advice. While Kris isn’t thrilled about foregoing the chance to share his last name, Kim’s loyalty to the Kardashian name is a crucial part of her career. “Kardashian for life baby!” Kim proclaimed.

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2. Khloe & Kim Kiss & Make Up
We all love Khloe for her sarcasm and brutal honesty but when it came to bashing Kris Humphries, Kimmy couldn’t handle it. She even went as far as uninviting Khloe to the wedding! As Kim and her girlfriends headed to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party at Tao, Kim reflected on how sad it was that Khloe was missing out due to their bickering. Of course Kourtney came to the rescue and brought Khloe along though! Khloe surprised Kim in a risqué fireman costume and made up with her older sister. Aw, Kardashian love!

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3. Kris & Bruce Get Sexy
What’s a Momager to do when her daughter is getting married? Head to the sex shop of course! Due to Khloe’s feud with Kim, Kris takes over as bachelorette planner and takes her hubby to the Pleasure Chest to pick up some sexy necessities. Our favorite part of the shopping spree? Kris putting on a cat mask, spiked necklace and a leash and having Bruce drag her around the store like a sexy feline. Priceless.

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4. Wedded Bliss or Bickering?
The minute Kim met Kris she had to know he was special due to his perfect K name yet tonight’s episode showed the stress that wedding planning put on the Kute Kouple. It’s no secret that Kim has extravagant taste but her lavish lifestyle is sometimes too much for Kris to handle. From bashing Kris’ interior decorating in his Minnesota home to telling him “I’ll f***ing slice you” at the wedding rehearsal, Kimmy is sometimes a little hard on her hubby! Kris was pushed over the edge in last night’s episode when Kim confessed they were over the seating limit by 150! During a seating chart planning session, Kris storms out on Kim as she yells, “Let me handle everything as always!” But, by the time they walked down the aisle, the twosome were grinning from ear to ear and had put the bickering behind them. Is there anything more special than your groom smiling at you from the top of the aisle? We don’t think so.

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5. Kim Is A Daddy’s Girl
While every girl dreams about her wedding day, it’s difficult when a parent can’t be present for the special moment. Kim broke down during last night’s episode and cried on the shoulder of her loving stepdad Bruce about missing her father, Robert Kardashian. To incorporate him into the wedding, Kim decided to cut out a heart from the fabric of her father’s old shirt and have it sewn into her custom made Vera Wang wedding dress on the left side. When she walked down the aisle, she had her dad on her left in spirt and her stepdad Bruce on her right. Kim also took Kris to her father’s grave to show him how important his memory is to her. We have no doubt Robert is happy for his beautiful daughter and her new husband!

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