Top 5 Halloween Costumes Include Charlie Sheen & The Royal Couple [PHOTOS]

October 12, 2011 7:00 am

Halloween is just around the corner and we got you covered on the top 5 costumes that are a must-have to go trick-or-treating in! Check out which ones make our list and let us know what you’ll be dressing up as! Start carving those pumpkins, stock up on the candy, and prepare those crazy outfits for one goulish weekend!

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5. Bridesmaid
This is by far the best comedic movie of the year and probably the easiest costume to get! Simply go to a vintage shop or discount thrift store, buy a tacky 80s dress (preferably hot pink), and channel your inner Kristen Wiig!

4. Katy Perry in “California Gurls” or “Last Friday Night”
Katy Perry has multiple outfits we can choose from, especially from her latest music videos! If you’re going for the colorfully retro look, glue some gummy bears, chocolate bar wrappers, and cherries for a candy-inspired look! Or, get totally geeky with her “Last Friday Night” outfit, with big glasses, overalls, and metal wiring for an ever-so attractive brace face!

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3. Steve Jobs/Apple Product
Also in memory, let’s get a little nerdy this Halloween by wearing a “guyphone” like this picture below. Fellow trick-or-treaters will probably want to push your “widgets” in this outfit! Just be careful where they put their hands!

2. The Royal Couple - Will & Kate
For the couples who would like to have matching outfits, have a royally inspired Halloween by wearing their English outfit on the day of their wedding! Instead of saying “trick or treat,” use those British accents and say, “Ello mate! Pip pip cherrio!”

1. Charlie Sheen
The hilarious crazy guy whom we’ve all scolded at this past year gets on top of our list as the #1 Halloween choice we’d like to see! From his ridiculous “winning days,” why WOULDN’T you want to dress up as your “Two And A Half Men” star? As he would simply put it, “DUHHHH!”

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