Golf Course In Australia Infested By Killer Sharks [VIDEO]

October 13, 2011 9:06 am

This is one of those scary movies where a killer animal hunts down human prey when they least expect it. Except, this time it’s real life! Half a dozen bull sharks infested a river in Australia after massive flooding, stranding them in the golf course club’s lake with nothing to do but breed more dangerous flesh-eating babies!

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Apparently, the Australians have probably had their fair share when it comes to wild animals because these golfers don’t shy away from their favorite pass time! They are still playing the sport, without any hesitancy, and even claim that the presence of sharks in the golf course is a positive thing!

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Watch this guy get awfully close to one of the bull sharks in this video here! Extreme golfing isn’t something we’d like to try out, but it doesn’t even phase this guy!

VIA Buzzfeed