Taylor Swift Will Be A ‘Toddler & Tiara’s’ Girl For Halloween [AUDIO]

October 13, 2011 8:00 am

Taylor Swift called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday to discuss her tour’s surprise celebrity guests, and her plans to celebrate Halloween.

The Billboard Woman of the Year discussed how she is able to get celebrity duets for her “Speak Now” tour saying, “I just called T.I. the day before the show. I texted Nicki Minaj a month before because I love her so much, and I was really hoping she would come out. I couldn’t believe it when she was like, ‘Ya, I’ll be there!'”

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Miss Swift’s is already working on her next album and has “recorded 25 so far, and we have a year to go! I’ve been writing so much more in the first part of this recording process then I did last time.” How does the superstar write? “I mostly write at the guitar. A lot of this record I’ve written by myself, and I haven’t really co-written very much, but that’s just because I’m by myself alot when I get inspiration.”

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Considering Halloween is around the corner Taylor was “thinking of blowing Halloween off this year, but I really want to be a ‘Toddler & Tiara’s girl. But I’m probably going to blow it off. I’ll probably watch ‘Law & Order’ all night. I love the marathons! They make me happy!”

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Recently, Taylor has released “Wonderstruck” a perfume that is “a sweet fragrance. Its warm too with vanilla, amber, berries, peach notes and freesia flowers.” Taylor will be appearing at the Sephora store at The Americana at Brand in Glendale on October 18th at 5pm. (More Info)

10/13 – Macy’s in New York
10/18 – Sephora in Glendale, CA
10/28 – Belk in Nashville, TN

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